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The benefits of Microblading

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

What is Microblading?

And why is it the latest craze in semi permanent makeup?

Not to be confused with permanent tattooing, microblading uses a fine 'hairstroke' technique to impart organic pigments into the top layers of skin creating depth and colour to the brows, eyeline, or lips. The result is subtle and lasts up to two years on the skin. Annual colour boost treatments will maintain the depth of colour and prevent fade-out.

#Microblading saves precious time in the morning and never smudges or washes away...

Choosing the correct colour pigment to suit your skin type and hair colour,we patch test the chosen pigment during your consultation, as well as the anaesthetic products we use, to ensure no adverse reaction before completing your treatment in as little as one hour.

Is there any 'down' time?

After a couple of days, slight superficial scabbing will occur, and you simply apply your post-treatment dermal ointment (provided by your therapist) a few times a day to protect the area. After around 5 days, scabbing flakes away, and voila! Your new enhanced brows are perfect!

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I had a lovely warming facial today with Danielle my skin feels glowing and radiant and the salon is beautiful. Highly recommend to try the Radio Frequency facial to all. Thank you x

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